About BNB Coupler Presale

Interactive BSC Token

We present an interactive token in the Binance Smart Chain network based on an intelligent Smart Contracie that provides interaction services between holders using the POSA model. Please see our documentation and roadmap, disclaimers, to understand the design concept before making your purchase.

Launch Event

We would like to thank all the early access participants – the number of transactions made using the BNB Coupler mechanism has exceeded 10,000, while we still have active users supporting the project.
We are going to the launch in undoubtedly difficult times for the entire cryptocurrency industry, but we try to adapt to the challenges thrown at us. According to the roadmap, by the end of the year we will submit a request for listing CMC and CG, in addition, due to new requirements to adapt to the trend of the whole market we are introducing a new contract and purchase ratio – obviously much less attractive than at the time of early access. All users and holders of the early access token will perform the conversion in the pair bridge at the link here.


Thank you for your development, understanding and contribution to our project – we would also like to announce the next BNB Coupling event in the next 3 months.

V2 to V1 Migration and New Contract


BNB Coupler Migration Pair V1 to V2 :
In connection with the creation of the second, new version of the contract – more adapted to the purpose and goals of BNB Coupler a dedicated pair of versions V1 to V2 was created. The pair will be replenished quarterly – so we recommend that if you have a large migration fee, you wait to migrate until the next update.

Token migrations can be done on the DEX Pancakeswap exchange here:


Our Strategy

The Roadmap

2021 September
Concept created

Creation of ideas and concepts

2021 October
Contract on Testnet

The first practical tests on the testnet

2021 October
Research Market

Market research and their needs

2021 November
Final Smart-Contract

Creation of a target contract in the Binance Smart Chain network

2021 November
Site Developing

Creating a website and hosting configuration

2021 November
Coupling Campaign

Coupling campaign

2021 November
Presale Launch

Launch of the 1st stage of Presale and Airdrop

2021 November
Social Channels

Preparation of social channels

2021 December

Promoting the token idea and the coupler concept

2022 January
Development & Governance

Reorganization of work and team for future development

2022 Febraury
Presale Step 1 End

Completion of the first Airdrop & Presale

2022 +
Further development

CMC & CG Apply, Presale Step 2, Fair Launch and promotion


Airdrop Stage II

Presale Stage II

Sale & Launch

Future investments



Contract : 0xe04b3054db8990c6c2d6d3abe1fd4f36b4fee0a7

Decimals: 18
TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000

Principles of BSC
Ethereum Compatibility

The first practical and widely-used Smart Contract platform is Ethereum. To take advantage of the relatively mature applications and community, BSC chooses to be compatible with the existing Ethereum mainnet

Principles of BSC
Standalone Blockchain

Most BSC fundamental technical and business functions should be self-contained so that it can run well even if the BC stopped for a short period.

Principles of BSC
Native Cross-Chain

The communication protocol should be bi-directional, decentralized, and trustless.

Principles of BSC

Blocking time should be shorter than Ethereum, e.g. 5 seconds or even shorter

Principles of BSC
Say no to inflation

There is no inflation, the block reward is collected from gas fees, and gas will be paid in BNB.

Principles of BSC
Validator Quorum

In the genesis stage, a few trusted nodes will run as the initial Validator Set. After the blocking starts, anyone can compete to join as candidates to elect as a validator

Start Now

Frequently Asked

The condition for participation in the event is being 18 years of age and reading the regulations and guidelines available in the whitepaper.

Make sure you have the correct BNB value to claim your claim / presale and are using the Metamask / TrustWallet BEP20 wallet.

The condition for the Coupler system to work, including the referral system, is to have a BNB COUPLER token in the referrer’s wallet.t

At the moment, we are focusing on the BSC chain – however, due to the high compatibility with the ETH network, we do not cross out this possibility in a later stage of developing.

Claim token

(40 BNB COUPLER token)

Check Gas Max 100,000

Gain 30% BNB and part BNB COUPLER for refered claims / buys

Required BNB COUPLER in your wallet


Invited by wallet address is Required

Invite By


Contact Form

If you have any comments, suggestions or you simply have  questions to us please contact us using this form or e-mail admin<@>bnb-coupler.online